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The dark... are you afraid? I'm not. The dark is afraid of me. - Riddick

Darkness is where it is dark. You have limited visibility in the darkness and never quite know where you are going. In some games, darkness is good while in others it is bad. For example, in the Splinter Cell series, darkness is your ally, letting you hide from your enemies and sneak up on them. On the other hand, in Gears of War, staying in the dark will result in you getting blown to bits by mutated bats.

In some games you're tasked with fighting through the darkness like in Doom 3. You sometimes have a trusty flashlight that lights the way, cutting through the darkness.

Darkness can also be found in horror games, adding to the mood.There are times where you're plunged in darkness and when the lights come back on, something appears in front of you (for example Bioshock). Other times, darkness can serve as a type of invisible wall. For example, you're in a subway station and want to go down the subway tunnel. You dive head first into the darkness only to realize that you aren't running anywhere.

In some games, adjusting the brightness of your TV can help you see better through the dark. A good way to see through the darkness is with night vision.

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