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Darkshore is a coast zone on the northwester part of Kalimdor suitable for players ranging from lvl 10 to 20. This is alliance controlled zone and there are ships connecting Auberdine, central village of this zone, with Darnassus, Azuremyst Isle and Menethil Harbor in Eastern Kingdoms. This zone is known for its shadowy woods, long beaches and Naga ruins. The road that stretches through the central part of this zone connects it with Ashenvale in the south. Hostile NPCs that appear in this zone are nagas, satyrs, grels and cultis such as Dark Strand and Twilight's Hammer. 


= Ameth' Aran =

This subzone is located southeast of Auberdine and it is inhabited by restless specters of the Highborne, who were once practicioners of powerful magics and servants of Azshara, ancient elven queen who was driven mad by demonic power. 

= Auberdine =

Auberdine is the center of civilization of Darshore. Most of Auberdine is populated by nightelves and there is an occasional dwarf or gnome traveler. The houses are mostly made from stone and they have a gloomy look. It is the only fly-hub town in this zone and an important harbor. Fish Eye Tavern is the favorite inn where travelers can rest and eat and learn more about night elf history.

= Bashal'Aran =

Ruins of Bashal'Aran can be found northeast of Auberdine. These ruins are overrun with demonic creaturs like satyrs, sprites and grels. Demons feed of magical energies of the ruins growing more powerful as the time passes. 

= Blackwood Den =

This zone is located in the far southern part of southshore and is home to furbolgs and other wildlife. There is also a cave where a night elf named Volcor sits waiting to be rescued. There is a quest in Auberdine that you can get to help him in his predicament.

= Cliffspring Falls =

These falls are the origin of the Cliffspring river. This was once a pure waterfall but it was tainted by the demonic corruption from Felwood. The waterfall caves are crawling with Naga and rumors say there is a group of Twilight's Hammer members in its depths. Some think they are responsible for the corruption.

= The Grove of the Ancients =

The grove lies in the southeastern part of Darkshore and it is where the Circle of Aincients is located. It is inhabited by a Ancient of Lore named Onu and a few merchants. This settlement is built around the surging Wildbend river. There are some elven temple ruins located here.

= The Long Wash =

This is a patch of beach where Murlocs have been appearing in great numbers. There is a bit of irony in its name since it is the shortes part of beach in this zone. It is gloomy and dark and there are a lot of scaterred debris and carcasses of stranded sea animals.

= The Masters Glaive =

To the west of Darkshore there is a giant adamantine glaive buried in an unmoveable boulder called the Old God Skull. Night elves consider this a sacred area because they believe only ancient titans, who wielded such massive weapons , could have buried such a glaive in Darkshore. They believe Titan killed one of the Old Gods or their minions here. Area is surrounded by a small lake. Once it was a night elf holy place, but now it is under control of Twilight's Hammer.

= Mist's Edge =

This is the longest stretch of coast in Southshore and it is littered with animal carcasses and debris. Murlocs and crabs appear in great numbers here. It is quite similiar to the Long Wash.

= Remtravel's Excavation =

It is named after a famous archeologist Prospector Remtravel.  At the digsite, he has discovered a most unusual fossil of mystic properties, but the absent-minded prospector has forgotten where he put it. The digsite has been invaded by Troggs and giant Golems so it is very dangerous place today.

= Mathystra =

Ruins of Mathystra are located in northern part of Southshore just past the tower of Althalaxx. Mathystra used to be elven city but it was decimated by the destruction of the Well of Eternity. Now it is inhabited by Stormscale Naga and there are many ancient artefacts scattered all around and under the ruins. Ghost saber, stealthed and tamable cat , can also be found here.

= Tower of Althalaxx =

An elf named Athrikus used to live in this tower. He was a powerful mage and servant of Azshara. Today, tower is the place of gathering for warlock cult named  Cult of the Dark Strand. This cult is presumably led by an evil satyr mage and it is possible that Athrikus is leader of this cult but that remains a dark mistery.

= Twilight Shore =

Twilight Shore is a stretch of coast south of Long Wash. It is the most rugged part of Darkshore coast and its sandy beaches are broken up by steep cliffs. It is inhabited by murlocs and waters bulge with treshadons who attack anyone who dares swim in these waters.

= Twilight Vale =

This is a very dangerous part of Darkshore and there are a lot of corrupt Furbolgs and feral nightsabers. It is advised that travelers stick to the roads where it is a bit safer.

=The Velied Sea=

This is the name of vast ocean that stretches along the coasts of Darkshore, Feralas, Desolace and is also place where Azuremyst Isles are located - a place where Draenei interplanar vessel named Exodar crash-landed

= Wildbend River =

This is the tainted river near the Grove of Ancients. This river is corrupted at its source in Felwood and is responsible for corruption of wildlife, landscape and the Furbolg tribe. Swimming in the river is not recommended.

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