a look at darksider 2 combat

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i kind of agree, the combat does look pretty similar but, as you said, you might have to play it to notice the difference. Either way, im getting it. Just pre-ordered the CE :D

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Combat is not the place where I'm looking for agility, but rather in climbing and overall movement. Seeing War pulling off those acrobatics was kind of funny.

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I'm playing through Darksiders1 at the moment and I can kinda see why the devs are saying Death is quicker and more agile to an extent. Playing as War feels like there is a bit of weight to his movement and attacks. But for the most part I bet the two play very similar to each other. One thing I did notice in the QL EX that was posted the other day was the recycling of enemy models from the first game which to me was a little dissapointing, but hey, it is still set in the same universe and close to the same general timeline so I guess Darksiders2 gets a pass in that respect.

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