This games pacing is driving me bonkers.

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Yeah it just feels abymally off for me as well. As much as I enjoy the faster combat, I rarely get the opportunity to use it in between endless fetch quests and insanely repetitive puzzle sections. Just arrived on Earth and I'm really hoping the jarring new game mechanic ,which essentially blocks the combat yet again, doesn't persist throughout the level. I really hope the story picks up soon as well, since barely anything of substance have happened yet.

Music is one of Jesper Kyd's best works yet, no argument there.

Dunno, loot is just not a big hook for me. I feel like I'm trying to enjoy the gameplay DESPITE the game itself so far. I'm also really envious of the peeps who enjoyed the game throughout, since when it clicks, it really is exceptional.

I'm also surprised that this is significantly less Zelda than its predecessor.

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Yeah Darksiders 2 in general felt pretty bloated and unpolished when compared to the first to me. I really hope the comments one of their devs made about scaling back in the next game and focusing more on quality verses quantity is true. That said I'm one of few people on GB with Darksiders 2 s-ranked so I did quite like it a lot lol.

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bout to s rank it myself ^.^

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I'm surprised by the amount of Zelda hate in this thread, maybe it's just me and the N64 being such a huge part of my childhood (along with GameCube and GBA aka last Nintendo consoles I've owned save for the DS') but I adore Zelda, Majoras Mask being my favorite, I'm already in a minority but regardless id think most games really enjoy the series, but then again I never played anything past Wind Waker. Okay I played the two DS games but you know what I mean. I heard it did get bad with Twlight Princess and Skyward Sword but I blame the Wii for being such an awful console, not so much the franchise. It could be nostalgia but id like to think most of you guys are in your 20s like myself and would share that nostalgia.
tl;dr I like Zelda and the Darksiders IP a lot.

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