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Fable 1

Darkwood is a dark, murky, twisted forest that fills the gap between the areas Greatwood and Barrow Fields. Darkwood is filled with many Hobbes, Balverines, Bandits and Trolls. Darkwood is used by traders to get from the seaside town of Oakvale to the bright forest of Greatwood. There are only two areas that are safe from the dangerous creatures of Darkwood. Darkwood Camp, is used as the rest and resupply point for the traders and the Darkwood Bordello ( only found in Fable: The Lost Chapters) is a medieval styled brothel in which the Hero can pay for sexual services via prostitution.

Fable 2

After the time passed between Fable and Fable II Darkwood has grown significantly in size. By this time, it has overgrown the small town of Oakvale and has extended all the way to Bloodstone (formerly Twinblade's Camp).

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