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Official Bio

A childhood friend of Amir’s, Darren also hails from the exciting and completely flat city of San Jose, which afforded him with the peace and solitude in which to hone his musical craft from a young age. Darren is a composer and musician who’s worked in film and television, in addition to authoring songs for the Rock Band network – something that combines his lifelong love of music with his lifelong love of games. It tells you something about this guy that in 2010 he reigned as the Rock Band 2 national champion. Seriously, you should see the photos. At Supergiant Games, Darren is a one-man band who provides all of the outstanding audio in Bastion, from the hundreds of sound effects to the memorable score (done in the self-styled genre he calls acoustic frontier trip-hop). Darren also directs and edits all the voiceover narration for the game.

With the announcement of Supergiant Games' second title, Transistor, it was also confirmed that Korb would be working on the soundtrack for the game. There is currently no word on his involvement with the voiceover work.


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