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Dash of Destruction is the result of a competition run by Doritos for people to make a Doritos themed game for the Xbox Live Arcade. You play as a dinosaur trying to catch and eat delivery trucks while destroying  cities. You can also play as the truck trying to get away from the dinosaur and delivering Doritos to people.Dinosaur vs TruckIt's a free advergame so the gameplay shallow and repitive. There are two six level campaigns, one with the dinosuar, one with the delivery truck. The twelve le...

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Little more than an interactive add 0

Dash of Destruction is a free game on Xbox Live Marketplace that serves as an advertisement for Doritos, the tasty brand of chips.Dash of Destruction is the result of a contest organised by Doritos. The goal was to think up a creative game that had Doritos as it's central theme. A guy named Mike Borland won the contest, and he got to have his game made with NinjaBee. The end result is Dash of Destruction. The buildings are fully destructable Surprisingly, Dash of Destruction is actually pr...

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Dash of Destruction - A Binge Gamer Review 0

By Mike Masashi Murakami III • December 17, 2008 [Edit] I have to start this review off by saying I had no idea that today was the release date for the winner of that Unlock Xbox contest that was held what seems like forever ago. I also had no clue that the game would be free. And lastly, I definitely did not expect the game to actually be fun… but not completely flawless.. read on… Developed by Mike Borland, who ended up partnering up with NinjaBee (A Kingdom for Keflings, Cloning Clyde...

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Dashing, Destruction, Doritos and Dinosaur's 0

There is a saying, "Free is for me". There is also a saying, "You get what you pay for". So with that in mind "Dash of Destruction" was certainly going to be a game I downloaded, after all you don't pass up free games even if you are swimming in money Scrooge McDuck style but it was also a game I didn't expect a lot out of, after all I downloaded the Yaris title and well we all know how that pile of poo turned out. For those that might have been living under a rock for the last two months, "Da...

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OK, this game is not exactly good. To be honest, it's quite bad. But it's FREE guys! Why would you not get something that's free and also has an absurdly easy 200 points in it! Yeah, I guess it is an advertisement for Doritos, but it's not really intrusive: their logo is at the title screen, and they make references to Doritos during the game. Download it, play it for half an hour, get all the points, Delete it. But, it's free ,what do you expect?...

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Download and Delete in the same day. 0

Dash of Destruction received massive popularity due to it being free.  However I downloaded it, got all 200 achievement points, and deleted it all within 1 hour.  It has some fun features, but not nearly enough for me to consider keeping it on my hard drive.From the developer that brought us A Kingdom for Keflings, Dash of Destruction has a top down view similar to the old GTA 1 and 2.  You take control of either a T-Rex or a delivery van.  T-Rex tries to eat the delivery vans.  The Delivery van...

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