this is frustrating 2

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I can't believe that this game has so many bugs. nowadays, I have played with Sam B character. after escort Joseph from church, I got in sewer, killed all zombies, and was about to open the door. but there was a chain around the door (it shows 'F' supposedly). it didn't show anything. plus, stupid map continued to show me red flag (destination). there is nothing. I reloaded three times. the same thing was happened. ironically, I didn't have any problem when I played with Asian girl, Logan. this bug or glitch is suddenly occurred when it comes to two black people. is this game discriminating certain race? and why is this game so broken badly?

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The video games industry is the only serious industry that has the right to put buggy unplayable crap for full retail price out there.

Just think how it would be if they could patch movies.

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I haven't experienced many bugs, and when i did they were very minor. That being said, some times you'll get ganged by 3-4 infected, they'll come out of nowhere and you won't be able to do shit.

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never had a problem with dead rising 2

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well, I maybe wait for fixing this critical bugs. but I don't expect too much since developers don't even have dead island forum which is shame. I don't get it. they developed the game at least 3 years or something. then now they fully abandon? why?

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is this thread a sequel to a previous thread?

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today I accidentally found the reason that the game is so broken. well, it's not just game itself. Steam was updated last week. since then two critical bugs were occurred. when I updated to Steam beta, all problems were gone like magic. it was unbelievable that new version of steam caused that serious problem. now, I just finished church part, got back to resort, blew up bunker door, and arrived in jungle finally. if some of you have some glitch or bug issue, try to download beta. at least it works for me.

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This is just preparation for when Skyrim comes out and is mad buggy.

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