Capcom Unity livestreaming gameplay today 2:30PM PST

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Timecodes from 2:00pm PST.
:00 - currently some random screaming into the mic.
:08 - mod awarding unity points for whomever could guess the scream was a sound effect from Marathon 2. Represent!
:15 - making a Unity account so I can get some free points. Who knows, I might be able to afford an authentic plushie some day.
:16 - achievement unlock sound! Shit just got real!
:18 - ah it's just booting up the 360, lots of dash noises.
:28 - title screen and mic check
:30 - game director of CW introducing the game.
:31 - DR1 plot spoiler in the intro text
:33 - West giving Chuck a bit of a toss. interesting wardrobe Chuck has on, might be contextual from previous plays. (edit: yeah these guys are level 50)
:34 - get to the choppa!!
:36 - two big dudes in an air duct is uncomfortable.
:37 - joining co-op Live game. Menu shows NO local co-op choice.
:38 - to play as Frank, you are joining someone's game. You are the Tony Yayo to Chuck's 50 Cent.
:41 - Frank totally looks and runs like Frank. I hold my camera the same way when I run. now Frank is making a combo weapon, an explosive football.
:44 - Frank has a very snazzy digital cam now. Chuck uses a cheap disposable. Totally different viewfinders. awesome!!
:47 - and here's the first cutscene and fight with mercs, cutscene and end of case 1-1.
:49 - Chuck just ate a gigantic hoagie.
:50 - Dr. Wily costume confirmed! (as seen in the trailer)
:51 - "drop-in anytime" co-op. nice. just like DR2 I think?
:52 - guns seem to be damn useful now.
:53 - everyone in the chat is obsessed with Otis. speculating if he's in CW. (suggesting Case: Otis, Case: Cosby)
:00 - Electric prod + floor buffer = Zap N' Shine. SUPER EFFECTIVE
:01 - Impact Blaster is like a gauss cannon.
:04 - added a proper Sickle. Also an incineration chamber is a nice touch. Get some RE5 action up in this.
:06 - more costume "surprises to discover", probably...
:13 - 2 person utility carts to drive.
:15 - cutscene and case 1-2 done. demo over. giveaway and question time!
- Frank is alive because he is also taking Zombrex. (obvs.)
- Katey is not really part of CW
- can not play as Frank in single player
- both characters have same functionality vis a vis making weapons and taking pictures
- CW is basically canon, standalone post-DR2 event.
:27 bye bye from Capcom cubicle land.

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