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Katey Greene is the seven-year-old daughter of Chuck Greene in Dead Rising 2 and its downloadable extensions, Case Zero and Case West. She watched her mother die in a zombie outbreak, and was herself bitten by her own zombified mother. To avoid zombification, she must take the expensive and controversial medication Zombrex each day. Despite everything, she's remained brave and playful.

In Dead Rising 2, the player, as Chuck, must ensure that Katey receives her necessary dosages of Zombrex every twenty-four hours. A dose must be administered between 7:00 and 8:00AM each day. Failure to deliver a dose in time will result in a bad ending, in which Chuck will give up hope after his daughter transforms and allow himself to be killed by the zombie hordes.

Dead Rising 3

The character Annie in Dead Rising 3 is revealed to be an older Katey Greene. She has begun going by her middle name to avoid being tracked down by her father, whom she has disowned, believing it's all her fault she led him to the path of becoming a crime lord for her sake.


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