Favourite women of video games

In no particular order...

I might add descriptions later if I feel like it, but frankly, I don't need to defend my interests.

By the way, I've limited the list to characters that originate in video games- so no comicbook, anime, live-action, or ladies of Western animation.

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Posted by thecrown871

I like to say awesome list of female game characters of your favorite female game characters and all time favorite female game characters i know my or anyone's lists on here depends on the person might sound crazy or some people will think we're crazy or that certain lists sound crazy and so you know I'm a straight guy and my list of favorite female game characters and my all time female game characters is over 100+ so far and i also wanted to say.

You've listed some of my favorite female game characters and some of my all time favorite female game characters and only character on this list i don't like is Ashley Graham i don't know if i hate her i just find her really annoying and yes even when she goes "Leon help" sorry i don't know how to mimic her on here and also so you know some of the characters on your list i either never heard of and/or never played that certain games before yet.

And don't worry I'm open to try the game out and see is it any good,see if it's any fun and of course see if i love it or not awesome list though i apologize for a long read if it's too long :).