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How big are the bags? If it's Ziplocs then no way. How big are the bills? Do I get to count the cash before accepting?

Where am I being propositioned to move? Or am I just being handed money and told to get out of my current location?

Does my compensation include housing? Or do I need to look into that once I arrive?

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I cannot make edits to my list. I received the above message whenever I hit "Save & Finish."

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"VGX 2013: Did Joel McHale make the show better?"

Better than what? Dying of cancer? Being burned alive?

No. This was a trainwreck and Joel only made things worse.

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Exclusive licenses and yearly releases. Business as usual with the EA Empire.
dum-dum-dum dum-da-dum dum-da-dum

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@darji said:

You can not really win here.

You basically summed up the entire thread in one line.

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You kept going til 4? I quit when the series "jumped" to PS3.

It's a damned shame Sony has such a xenophobic stranglehold on Japanese developers.

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When did Worldwide Pants buy Whiskey Media... or was that a joke?

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@Hizang said:

How many pairs of trainers do you have?

I only have two, during my college years I would just buy lots of Plimsols, I really should get some more.

FOR US DUDERS - Sorry, I forgot there called Sneakers in the US.

I don't own any sneakers. I own two pairs of tennis shoes, so I voted with them.

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I work for Blockbuster, [...]

Wait, Blockbuster still exists?

For real? I have not seen a Blockbuster since they closed the two that we had in town two years ago. Thought they were dead.

DISH managed to keep a couple hundred of the stores open when they bought Blockbuster.

I think there's still one Blockbuster still open somewhere in my city... I was surprised as hell when I actually saw it.