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    These are the same people (person) that did Sequence. That game was amazing, and I hope that this one comes together as well as that one did. Looks promising so far. And the music is tremendous in...

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    I'd much rather they feature original Sting instead of Crow Sting, but whatever.

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    Really great video guys. Cool to see the behind the scenes part of how the meetings actually work.

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    Farewell, Small Business Man! I hate that Vinny won't be with the flagship anymore, but I'm curious to see the chemistry between Vinny and Alex. And more Alex on Giant Bomb is never a bad thing.

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    I almost wonder if there was some form of breach of contract with Harmonix that happened when MS decided to pull the Kinect out. Surely they had been under the impression that everyone would be able t...

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    I remember hearing about this months ago, then it kind of disappeared. The look is great, and there are hardly any WWI games out there. Hope the writing is as strong as the art.