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Phantasy Star II is a sci-fi fantasy RPG developed by Sega for the Genesis/Mega Drive, and the first 16-megabit cartridge for the platform. It is the second game in the Phantasy Star series and was released in 1989 and is considered to be the first 16-bit RPG released outside of Japan. The full Japanese title can be translated to: Phantasy Star II: The End of the Lost Age. It is a continuation 1000 years following the story of the first Phantasy Star, and follows Rolf and his seven comrades as they discover the true nature of evil forces awakening in the Algol solar system.

It was originally launched with a player's guide which provided full maps of the dungeons and information on one of the most useful items in the title, the visiophone.


The story begins with Rolf having a nightmare. In this nightmare he is watching a battle between a young girl and a demon. Just as the demon is about to strike the girl Rolf awakes...and our story begins. Rolf is an agent for the commander of Mota. He is tasked with finding out what is happening with Mother Brain, a computer system built to control and maintain the Algo Star System.

The series' primary antagonist, Dark Force, the embodiment of evil, returns in Phantasy Star II as one of the enemies Rolf and his friends must defeat. Mother Brain, a computer system built to control and maintain the Algo Star System, begins malfunctioning during the game and must be investigated by Rolf. However, he ends up having to defeat it. During the adventure, the party discovers Neifirst, a half human, half bio-monster, that is also part of Nei. Being part Bio-monster (biologically altered animal), she was an outcast from society, causing her to loathe mankind. This caused her to sabotage Mota's Climate Control system, as well as the bio-systems laboratory, causing a drought on the planet. Nei confronts Neifirst with her actions and attacks her in a one-on-one fight, but gets defeated and killed. Straight afterward, Rolf and the remaining party take over and finish Neifirst off, bringing an end to the Biomonster hazard.

Compilations and Remakes

The game has been featured in many compilations since its original release:

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