History of RPG's I've Played and Recommend.

I've had the benefit of playing a lot of great RPG's over the years. Here's a list of all the games I can remember. The list is not in any particular order, but the first two games are some of my all time favorites.

Note: This list will be randomly updated, as I continue to play great RPGs.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I know it's a big list, but if you talk about why some of these are recommended that would do this list a big favor.  Might help drum up interest for more of the obscure or older ones.

Posted by Brackynews

/seconded.  Tell me about Traysia.  Make me feel shame for forgetting about Terranigma. Why the hell did you put The Immortal on there when it's clearly more like Prince of Persia. etc. etc. :)

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Wow, great work!

Posted by jaymorgoth

Dude...you remembered Traysia!  That is awesome, i felt like i was the only one on the planet that remembered that game. While i don't agree with everything on the list (cause hey we all have different tastes) this still an awesome list! Though why ya gotta hate and not include Shining Force yo?

Posted by AV_Gamer
That's for reminding me. I play Both Genesis games, and Shining Force on the Sega CD. 
Will add to the list.
Posted by void1234

its a great list but if you got mass effect and dragon age then why not Knights of the old republic? 

Posted by DrivingBj

This list is epic. Forgot about Phantasy Star III. Great game. Totally agree on some Final Fantasy and especially Mass Effect 2.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

It's always nice to see someone else that enjoyed FFXII. I thought I was crazy and the only person that enjoyed it. Have you beat Yiazmat?

Posted by Habast

I have Last Remnant for the 360, and it's awesome :D You just have to install it to the hard drive and it runs fine. 
Also, I just recently starting playing through Final Fantasy X and freaking love it. You think X-2 is worth the buy?

Posted by WMoyer83

Some love for Phantasy Star 3? That's rare! I loved that game, but most people I talked to about it either write it off or call it crap. I thought it had a awesome storyline and the game overall was slightly more difficult than the Final Fantasy IV in my opinion.

Posted by Kombak

Wow, what a great list. I am happy to say I have played most of these and plan to (whenever I managed to find a few free years) play the rest.

Posted by Slag

dang dude that's quite a list.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Didn't Final Fantasy III (Japan) introduce the job system?

Posted by pelham123_

"Front Mission Evolved... This game is a RPG classic..." - No dude, no. And if you "played the SNES version", why don't you list that version?