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Good for them. But still not interested in Destiny. Bungie needs to do more.

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YEAH! Great news. PC forever.

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Of course. Just depending on the Xbox One for sales would have been a foolish move by the developers. So much money is being put into these big titles for it to only be on the least successful platform this generation so far. Will wait for the PC version, since my PC is pretty much an Xbox One.

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Hopefully, this news means the game will be the next step in the series that's been dying out over the last 4 years.

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I'll believe it after a year or two, when the game is still an Xbox One exclusive. Right now, I believe the game will get an early start on the Xbox One, but will port over to at least the PC if nothing else within a year. The Xbox One sales won't be enough.

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Like Mirror's Edge, Remember Me was a good game that got unjust hate. Hopefully, a sequel will emerge and I look forward to this one as well.

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It's like Microsoft and their stupid features they were going to use for the Xbox One; if the people whom use Twitch leave the website and go somewhere else, these new policy changes will go away. But it's up to the people of Twitch to show their disappointment through action, not just leaving a bunch of angry comments.

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I don't know why people are acting surprised. This is how it works: When something becomes very popular, the corporate heads take it over and ruin it's nature charm and turn it into a soulless cash flowing machine. Twitch is the latest example of hundreds of them.

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Move Da Dope?

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He earned it. You can't argue with success.

Get ready for more awesome Soul games in the future.