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NOooooooo. I want Silent Hill to comeback. Seriously, that's too bad. I heard the demo was very well received. It does seem like most of the major video game developers are breaking down in some form or another: EA, Capcom, Square-Enix, and now Konami.

And a lot of the best games right now seem to be coming from lesser developers with a decent enough budget, or indie developers. Go figure.

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Great news. Human Revolution was a great game and I'm looking forward to a follow up.

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Just when the Wii U was starting to gain momentum, this happens. Too Bad.

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Seen this coming years ago. In fact, Patrick lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. Still, he brought a sense of professionalism to Giant Bomb with his on time news articles. Good Luck.

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Quality Top 3 Jeff. People want to hate, but there's no beating that Nemesis system. I will be in other games.

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In terms of a games in 2014 that delivered well beyond what was promised, you can't argue against Mordor. I believe the Nemesis system was so well done in the game, that other developers in the future will copy and use their own versions of that system. And as much attention the developers gave trying to tell an epic story worthy of the source material, it's the gameplay overall that shined through. That alone is an accomplishment.

And for those reasons, Mordor is also my number one game of the year, as my list clearly shows.

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Here's my list: Click Here

Had to think of what games to add, since 2014 was a pretty bad year for video games big releases overall.

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Thank you for helping in making video games the great form of entertainment it is today. You like the other pioneers are legends and deserve nothing but respect.

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They can delay it until 2016, as long as the finished product is a smooth playing game on the PC and not a broken mess like Unity and many so called big releases. With the technology now a days and the attention to detail in games, maybe it's best to wait a little longer.

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They just announced it's not a timed exclusive, so no Xbox One. They also announced cross platforming with the PC version, so PC players can play the PS4 players.

Xbox One is sinking fast, which is a shame; they do have a decent fighting game in Killer Instinct.