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Kunoichi is a character from Koei's Samurai Warriors series.  She first appeared in the original Samurai Warriors as an ally of Yukimura Sanada and was the only playable character not based on a specific historical figure.  She has appeared in every game in the series, but was left out of the roster of playable characters in Samurai Warriors 2.  Instead, she appears as an NPC that harasses players in a special board game mode included in the game.  The reason for her exclusion was due to the inclusion of Nene, an actual historical figure, that was designed with an altered version of Kunoichi's move set.
Kunoichi is one of the fastest characters in the Samurai Warriors series.  She can cover a great deal of ground distance at her full running speed in less time than most other fighters.  She is also one of the few characters in the series that possesses the ability to double-jump, allowing her to access special ninja paths that create shortcuts within certain levels.  In terms of personality, Kunoichi is depicted as being rather sassy and routinely taunts her enemies in a cheeky manner.

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