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Nene was historically the wife of the Japanese warlord Hideyoshi Toyotomi.  In the Samurai Warriors series, a heavily fictionalized interpretation of her appears as a playable character, beginning in Samurai Warriors 2.  In these games, she is a kunoichi that diligently works to help her husband's plans succeed.  However, this aspect is contrasted with a lighter tone that paints her with the personality of a happy housewife and mother figure, even when on the battlefield.


Nene was originally designed to replace Kunoichi, a purely fictional character that appeared in the original Samurai Warriors that was left out of the sequel.  As such, her move set and fighting style are heavily based on those of Kunoichi.  She is a small, speedy character that fights using large daggers.  Like all ninja-class characters in Samurai Warriors, Nene has the ability to double-jump and access special ninja paths located on the battlefields.

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