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Ujiyasu Hojo was a lord of the Hojo clan during the Warring States Era of Japan.  He lived from 1515 to 1571 and successfully expanded the clan's territory during his reign.  His forces fought a losing battle against the Takeda and Uesugi clans, but eventually established peaceful relations with both.  He was also married to a younger sister of Yoshimoto Imagawa.

Samurai Warriors 3

Ujiyasu's first playable appearance in the Samurai Warriors series came in Samurai Warriors 3.  He is the first playable member of the Hojo clan proper; the Hojo-affiliated ninja Kotaro Fuma was first introduced in Samurai Warriors 2.  He has his own story mode and is playable in all game modes.  As his weapon, he uses a cane containing a hidden firearm.

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