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Shaundi is one of the gang lieutenants for the 3rd Street Saints. She has an interest in the Sons of Samedi, and willingly agrees to investigate them. In particular, she is interested in the new designer drug they are producing. This drug is known as Loa Dust, and as someone who knows a large amount about drugs, she wants to undercut the gang on their produce. Shaundi is a stoner, and is frequently seen smoking weed or other illegal substances.

Initially, you draw her into the gang by impressing her with some car stunts in her Hammerhead. She agrees to join the group, and has an extreme knowledge of different gangs (it is suggested this is due to the fact she has had sex with many of the members of other gangs). Among these people is DJ Veteran Child. Veteran Child is more than just a DJ - he's also the leader of the dealers for the Sons of Samedi. Shaundi is embarrassed when she admits that he was at one stage, her boyfriend. Veteran Child kidnaps her in the hope of making the Saints back down from the Samedi, but fails to do so, owing to the fact that The Boss calmly kills Veteran Child.

An early screenshot of Shaundi

Once you have completed the Sons of Samedi mission strand you unlock Shaundi as a homie. Her preferred weapon is the K6 Krukov, or AK-47 as it is more commonly known. Oddly, she owns a Hammerhead during her recruitment mission, but when you call her she will arrive in a Voyage.

Shaundi is voiced by US actress Eliza Dushku in Saints Row 2 and actress Danielle Nicolet in Saints Row: The Third.

Saints Row: The Third

Shaundi's new look

In Saints Row: The Third, everything about Shaundi is inexplicably changed; for starters,her appearance is revised to reflect the gang's new-found celebrity status. Instead of appearing in her previous outfit, Shaundi wears more generic, "upmarket" clothing, and loses her distinctive dreadlocks in exchange for a forgettable ponytail, retaining the same purple color to reflect upon her gang affiliation. Her voice actor also changes to Danielle Nicolet, rather than Eliza Dushku as in the previous game. The reason for this change is unknown at present.

Shaundi's personality in the game is also completely different from her first appearance; as player favourite Johnny Gat is killed in the opening of the game, Shaundi's personality is arbitrarily changed from a confident, laid-back stoner to an enraged berserker who demands swift and violent revenge, to a point where even the player character advises her to relax a little. In essence, she has become Johnny Gat. The manner in which other members of the gang act leaves her frustrated at what she perceives to be their lack of compassion. Shaundi is the first homie available to the player in the game, and acts as the guide to the city, though she admits that she was 'really high' the last time she was in Steelport.

Further distancing herself from her original depiction, Shaundi is not shown to consume mind-altering substances such as beer or marijuana at all during the game. Due to the new fame of the gang, Shaundi hosts a reality television show in a similar style toThe Bachelorette, entitled I Wanna Sleep With Shaundi. Advertisements for this fictitious television show can be heard during in-game radio.

Saints Row IV

New Shaundi and Classic Shaundi

Fan complaints about Shaundi's personality change are addressed in Saints Row IV, when the 3rd Street Saints are pulled into a virtual world called Simulation 31 by evil invading aliens. While immersed in this simulation, the two aspects of Shaundi's personality - the laid-back stoner and the vengeful killer - are separated, resulting in two completely different Shaundis serving in the ranks of the Saints.

In one of Shaundi's audio diaries, she claims that the seeds of her violent change were planted during her brief stinct as a reality TV star, which put her under an immense amount of mental stress.


  • Shaundi appeared nude in the special 'Virtual Vixens' issue of Playboy magazine. The magazine was a limited edition, and was sold in December 2008.

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