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Jennifer is a shallow cheerleader, but there is more to the girl than meets the eye.

  • Age: 17
  • Specialty Weapon: Dual Kitchen Knives
  • Hobbies: Cheerleading
  • Favorite Food: None
  • Pet Peeve: Geeks and freaks
  • Quote: "That is, like, totally gross!"

Jennifer Sweeney is a Senior at Suburia-City High School. She's the most popular in school (or at least thinks she is), and is the captain of the cheerleading squad. She's something of a snob, very conscious of differences in class and status. She's insightful, but tends to cloak her observations (or judgements) in somewhat vapid, prissy observation. Her prorities are first and foremost to avoid any social faux pas, to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming homecoming queen this year. That said, like all students she needs to maintain a certain GPA and this occasionally requires her to interact with people like Zack. She's usually able to charm people, or simply yell at them enough, into getting her way. Many students at achool wish they could spend some quality time with Jennifer, studying or otherwise keeping occupied, but feww get the opportunity. Believe it or not, it was said that Jennifer likes guys with a vehicle, a big one. It was also said that she hates skateboards when Andy asked "what type of guys she likes" at the begginning of Chapter 3 in the game, "High School Hell".

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