oh wireless 360 controller.. why do you taunt me?! (PC)

#1 Posted by Zurv (447 posts) -

yep.. another game and another broken wireless 360 controller issue :) 
My wired one works fine.. but... it is wired (and isn't long enough). 
The game is built for the controller.. even has controller settings in the game..  
it feels like the last 3-4 games i wanted to play on the HDTV didn't have working wireless controller support "out of the box" (steam ^_^ )... well.. singularity worked right away. conviction didn't - took like a month for them to fix it >.< 
It seems capcom knows about this and a patch is in the work.. i hope... the internet wouldn't lie to me :) 
So  an FYI to ppl that wanted to play this on their HTPC - wireless controller not working (yet)
#2 Posted by AlisterCat (5731 posts) -

I heard there was an unofficial wireless controller fix somewhere. Could be wrong though.

#3 Posted by Zurv (447 posts) -

normally i can old back to pre-win7 drivers and not normally fixes it.. but i'll just wait. 
that xpadder et al stuff isn't good enough (for me).
#4 Posted by zudthespud (3284 posts) -

thanks for sharing. I was thinking of getting it on Steam but I'll hold out for a while.

#5 Posted by m1k3 (1338 posts) -

so theres no problems with the wired controls? pretty much the only issue keeping me from buying off steam.

#6 Edited by ZimboDK (843 posts) -

Wireless controller works if you get x360ce:
Download it and start it up
Controller 1 --> Advanced Tab. Turn off Native Mode.
                            Force Feedback Tab. Turn off Force Feedback
Options Tab --> Set Fake Mode to Compatability.
Save, then copy all the files to your Dead Rising 2 folder. The game should then be able to detect it.

#7 Posted by Zurv (447 posts) -

From readings other forums there are ppl that claim the wireless controller works and some that don't.   
My gut tells me it works and for the people that it doesn't.. they are clueless. But my gut is wrong a lot :)  Also, people to tell you enough info. Is this the frist time you every tried to use a wired controller with your PC? are you runing old as XP and never did any updates? 
It seems that "gamers" with win7 x64, and have used their controllers in others games, are not have problems with the wired controller.
*gamers being ppl that seems to know their pc hardware and play a lot of games, and are mostly up to date in hardware and software.
#8 Posted by Zurv (447 posts) -

yeah.. just wireless that doesn't work. wired shouldn't be a problem. 
/me runs if there is a problem.
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Yeah the x360ce seems to 'fix' it, but then you cant use the guide button to access GFWL home...
Shits me when things like this aren't supported natively. Patch please.
EDIT: Oh, Hey Zurv. I saw you posting on the steam forums about the controller issue. Bit of a cluster-fuck of irrelevant knowledge over there. There is plenty of people posting this solution around but no accepting the fact that it shouldn't be required in the first place. It is making me sad :[

#10 Posted by Zurv (447 posts) -

oh, it is supported... w/o the "fix" i can use my xbox button to bring up the GFWL drop down.. hehe :) 
all the buttons work (sans gfwl) with the ce?
#11 Posted by JusticeCat (106 posts) -

Yeah. Its just the principle of the matter. I shouldnt have to. The plug and play aspect is what i like about gfwl.

#12 Edited by Zurv (447 posts) -

sadly x360ce didn't work for me.. it didn't find.. something and returned a crpyted error. 
also, with those files it creates in the dead rising folder the game won't run. 
can you share you ini et al?
#13 Posted by Zurv (447 posts) -

ah.. i needed 2 api packages from ms...
#14 Posted by Anathem (127 posts) -

Definitely sucks that there's ANOTHER game that doesn't support the wireless 360 controller at launch.
The fix I used was this one from the Steam forum:  http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=17112854&postcount=8
The trick for me was to make sure it was specifically v2.0.2.62 of Xbox360CE. The newer versions didn't work for me. Some Googling found me the right version.
This was on Windows 7 32bit, btw.

#15 Edited by JusticeCat (106 posts) -

Got it all working Zurv?
Here is the dll and ini file anyway, for those that can't be arsed configuring it..
360wless.rar - dump that in your dead rising 2 folder and boot the game. If you bought it on steam,  Steam\steamapps\common\dead rising 2

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