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Dead Space 2 Severed DLC Review: Short but fun ride

Severed is comprised of 2 chapters for a single player add on of Dead Space 2. You play as Gabe Weller of Dead Space Extraction fame, as you try to get to your wife on the sprawl. The dlc happens at the same time as Isacc's journey in the main game, and you will visit familiar areas. The level design and detail are as good as the main game, as you make your way from the mines to the medical ward. You start with a security suit, and you can buy any of the weapons in the game so you will be able to handle any enemies the game throws at you. This dlc sees the return of the twitcher necromorph from Dead Space 1, though this foe is not as frightening as in the first game due to the smaller spaces you face them in limiting their ability to move and "twitch".  

 The twitcher is back
The sound is par for the course, with decent voicing and great ambiance sounds. Gabe's wife generally just screams a lot and can get annoying, but the dlc is not long so this doesn't become an issue. The length is my major issue with this dlc. It took me 50 minutes on normal difficulty. That is very short, and considering the dlc treads the same areas, same weapons and same enemies bar 1 as the main game its not really worth the 560 microsoft points charged for playing.  
Hello Isaa... I mean Gabe 
I enjoyed the dlc's ending, and Gabe was fun despite basically being a reskin of Isaac. There are some nods to the main game and it adds in some extra story threads very effectively but overall I can only recommend this dlc to serious Dead Space fans due to the length and price. 
Pros: Twitcher is back 
           Some new plot threads 
           Good ending 
Cons: Too short 
             Too expensive considering its length 
Wtf: Unitologists should not have played with the evil space ray
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