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The Abandoned Gas Station  which the story revolves around.
Deadly Creatures takes place in the Sedona Desert of Arizona. By alternating between the tarantula and scorpion each level, you see through their eyes and what is going on up above throughout the desert area you live in. Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper lend their voices to the game, as human lowlifes searching the desert for a lost cache of riches.

Scorpion fighting enemy insect

Every level you will switch between the Tarantula and Scorpion. Each insect has different methods of attack and abilities; the Scorpion is a great melee attacker,  while the Tarantula fights more strategically. By pressing specific buttons and performing certain motions the insects vary their attacks.

Deadly Creatures is host to a fair amount of exploration aside from combat.  Your creature will be able to climb around the map and onto walls and ceilings, completing various objectives including collecting grubs and killing specific creatures.

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