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THQ announced a deal with Curious Pictures in October of 2010 to adapt and bring the teachings of Deepak Chopra to video game consoles. At E3 2011, THQ unveiled their first offering: The Deepak Chopra Project for Xbox 360 and Kinect.

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Following the teachings of Deepak Chopra, the game takes body movements from the Kinect sensor and allows players to interact in a number of minigames and exercises to focus on "movement and breathing techniques to enhance the mind/body connection". This illustrates itself through a variety of minigames that concentrate on slow, calculated movements. For example, one minigame requires you to navigate a small creature through a maze. You do this by moving your hands are nice and slowly while taking deep breaths. All the minigames take place in a soothing environment with plenty of soothing colors such as purple or blue.

The game lets you organize your own routines, focusing on points of your body that may be tense from stretch. You can share your progress with your friends via Facebook.

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