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The Deku Princess appears in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She resides in the Deku Palace of the Southern Swamp in the land of Termina. She was held captive in Woodfall Temple by Odolwa, the boos of the temple, and her monkey friend was wrongfully blamed. Link traverses through the temple in order to rescue her and clear her monkey friend's name. She soon becomes agitated upon realizing that the Deku King, her father, blamed the monkey for her disappearance. She asks Link to quickly take her home in whatever he has to take her in, so she is then carried within a bottle. She squeezes in and is taken back to the Deku Palace. When they arrive, the Deku Princess jumps on her father demanding that he release the monkey. He does as he told. Deku Princess then apologizes to the monkey and tells the Deku Butler to give Link the Mask of Scents as a reward for rescuing her.

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