Anyone in NA want to help me take down Maneater?

#1 Posted by r2khimself (36 posts) -

I've been trying to have a go at Maneater all by my lonesome and dying 13 times in a row is a little perturbing. I'm a melee fighter and only SL 32. Anyone game for some exorcising on those two? 
I'll be at the Fool Idol's archstone at 7pm CST.

#2 Posted by pigmartyr (240 posts) -

Isn't this the one where you can get yourself a bow and shoot him through the portal?

#3 Posted by Matoya (449 posts) -

Roll more

#4 Posted by rmanthorp (4225 posts) -
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#5 Posted by Xtrminatr (276 posts) -

Raise your soul level a little bit and get a bow, then you can kill the first one through the door and just keep hiding behind the brazier for the second one and attack after one of his power attacks.

#6 Posted by r2khimself (36 posts) -

Thanks for the tips, guys. I eventually went back and learned Soul Ray. That made it quite a bit easier.

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