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Deputy weld is a protectron robot that guards the front gate to Megaton. He is also serves as the town greeter by welcoming people of the capital wasteland to Megaton and telling them about points of interest within Megaton.

Deputy Weld is programed with 6 different greetings and they are.

  • "Welcome to Megaton. The bomb is perfectly safe, we promise. Please hold for threat level assessment. Threat level minimal. Open the gates. Open the gates. Welcome to Megaton."
  • "Welcome to Megaton. Friendliest town around ""
  • "Have yourself a nice visit, partner."
  • "Ya'll better be careful with that there weapon, ya hear?"
  • "Thirsty partner? Try Moriarty's. Coldest drinks in the Capital Wasteland."
  • "Hungry? Try The Brass Lantern

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