Do pre-order bonuses carry over saves?

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I've got the Explosive Mission Pack (I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. . .), but both my brother and I use my Steam account. If I were to start a new game using the code first, would he get the content if he started a new game after? I don't want to fuck him out of anything because I play stealth, and I know he's a bit more aggressive and would like all of the additional guns and tools. At the same time, though, I'd like to play the extra mission.

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I'm not sure about Steam, but XBL typically handles pre-order bonuses as a DLC pack that you download and is tied to your account/system, rather than a save. It seems crazy to me that Steam would limit the bonus to one save, rather than your account.

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It's tied to your account and will be there for each new game started.

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@Gooddoggy: I was thinking the same thing, but better safe than sorry, I figure. 
: Thanks a bunch. :)

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