My Video Review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- CraigAA response

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Sorry if this one is a little late; but the game was released in Europe on the 26th of august, and i needed time to thorougly play through the game and record footage.
Also, yes i know my accent is weird, but there are subtitles embedded in the video -- cant see em? Get a better web browser.
Here's the link to the written review, please do recommend!  I also uploaded it as a response to Craig's review of the game, lets hope he approves!
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You do have a weird accent. I'm gonna guess you Belgian...or Dutch...or something like that. Anyway nice review dude. Should have given it 4.5/5 though.

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Thanks, man -- as for those accent guesses, wrong and wrong! ;)
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You're Swedish, right?

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@easthill: Yup.
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Good review , I am playing it right now and Im loving it , already beated the first boss on hard and it was easy , so I think your boss critiques is mute (well at least so far) .... mines are your friens is all I have to say , also Im taking a more combat oriented game , as in I havent spend a sinlge praxis on stealth abilities , this showcases the amount of flexibilty you get from the game , only sad part is that they didnt go bonkers with the augs ... I wish I could get an arm mounted minigun like the first boss so bad :(

(and no the minigun you can get doesnt count)

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@Aetheldod:  As stated, those who invest in creating a stealth-oriented class --like me-- will find the boss fights totally out of place. I usually resort to my silenced, armor-piercing 9mm pistol in the game, not miniguns and mines ;)
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@Popskinz: :D .... I went for a crazy silenced submachinegun with lots of bullets ,fast reloading , higher firing rate , flechetes with a laser scope , and Im trying to make it more powerful , also my exploding bullets magnum works like a charm ^^

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@Aetheldod: Good on you. That invisible bitch --the one i showed in the video-- drove me nuts. Because all i had was that mediocre, not-upgraded shotgun to defend myself with ;)
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Shameful bump :<

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It's been made a video response to mine. I still don't know how the hell you condense a review for a game like this into 4-5 minutes.

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Let me guess, you're Swedish D:

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Short, but balanced and fair review tc. Your accent is fine, but gets a bit difficult to completely understand towards the end. Swedish would have been my guess as well considering the DICE devs I've listened to recently :). Good job overall imo.

I'll get to this at some point, but after finishing AP recently, and with all that's about to come out, it may take a while.

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@CraigAA: Well i gotta admit -- i tried REALLY hard to make it happen ;)
@kyrieee: Score!
@pweidman: Thanks man, my accent is gradually getting better ;)

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