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A great addon with a few missing links.

It has only been two months since the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Eidos Montreal has been hard at work cooking it's first DLC, The Missing Link. It doesn't reinvent the game, nor does it fix any of the bigger issues Human Revolution had but if you are looking for more Deux Ex, you have come to the right place.

The story picks up as a stowaway Adam Jensen is discovered on-board a ship leaving Hengsha en route to an unknown location. Stripped of all his gear and with his augmentations deactivated, Adam, with the help of an unknown ally, must retrieve his equipment and make his escape. This DLC tell the tale of the events happening during the 3 days between Jensen leaving Hengsha and later resurfacing in Singapore, hence the title The Missing Link. Taking place first aboard a freighter and later into an advanced Belltower off-shore facility these events will shed some lights into the activities of the private military company.

A beautiful day at the office.

While the story tries to fill in the gap in the main game's timeline, it is a more or less self contained chapter within the greater Deus Ex: Human Revolution's storyline. The ending suggest some ties to the main events of the game but none of what happens in The Missing Link have any direct impact on the events that occurs later in the main game. As such the DLC is accessed from outside the main game instead of being an additional chapter in the original game's normal story progression.

This is at the same time for the better and for the worst. For the better because while very important and dramatic, none of the events you will witness and take part in during this DLC have any bearing or even mention in the later parts of the original game. Let's not forget that this takes place late into the timeline of Human Revolution and at a moment where things starts accelerating towards the game's conclusion and taking a pause from that storyline to start another would be detrimental to the overall experience. It is also for the worst as it is unfortunate that such a great little piece of side story is so poorly integrated within the greater story of Human Revolution. With some very interesting characters and some incredibly serious events going on, having this chapter better planned ahead of time and integrated in the full game would have made for a much more cohesive overall story.

Gameplay wise The Missing Link is a direct continuation of Human Revolution. You will have access to the same augmentations and equipment and will be performing the same kind of actions as before. You start this chapter stripped of your weapons and augmentations and will have to quickly rebuild Adam to get him up to speed with the current situation. Through the course of the DLC you will acquire praxis kits on a much more regular basis than during the main game, allowing you to regain most of your augmentations in no time. You won't find any new augmentations to play with but in the context of where and when this story takes place this wouldn't make much sense anyway. Unfortunately you won't find any new equipment either which is a little more disappointing.

The new environments will allow you to perform all the actions you grew used to in the original game. You can gun your way through but the focus of the game remains stealth. With plenty of opportunity for a stealthier approach and without giving away too much, finally a boss fight that plays on the game's strength instead of it's weaknesses, the environments of The Missing Link are extremely well crafted.

Gold is out, blue is in!

Speaking of the environments, this is one area where one can tell a huge amount of efforts was put into. Most of these environments consist of entirely new assets specifically created for this DLC. The folks at Eidos Montreal didn't rest on their laurels and simply reuse all the content previously created but instead went the extra mile and created a wide array of fresh assets to build these new locations. Most notably the game do away with its predominant gold color scheme from Human Revolution in favor of a much more blueish tone. This is really a matter of personal preference but I found this to be a welcome change. Also in addition to creating new assets with which to build these new locations, the team brought some improvements to the engine, notably to the lightings which are much more vivid this time around.

The original game have been patched numerous times since it's launch two months ago, fixing many leftover bugs and improving performance and all of these efforts carry through to this DLC. I found the experience generally more polished than Human Revolution was in its first outing and performance noticeably smoother throughout. I played it on the same computer as the original game, a respectable gaming machine sporting a Core i5 760 processor, 4GB of memory and a GTX 460 1GB video card running on Windows 7 64 bits and was once again easily able to play this game at maximum settings without any troubles.

Taken as an additional chapter in the main Human Revolution storyline, The Missing Link disappoints with its disconnected story but taken as an individual new mission offering more of the great Deus Ex gameplay we got to play two months ago, it is a great piece of content. Clocking in at a little over six hours for my first playthrough, all of which taking place in mostly new environments and featuring a very interesting side story, The Missing Link delivers. This DLC is no more a revolution than its predecessor was but if you are interested by the prospect of playing more Deus Ex than you could do much worst than The Missing Link.

If you would like to read my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution you can find it here.

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Posted by Still_I_Cry

I actually didn't enjoy Deus Ex:Human Revolution at all.

I found your review informative and helpful regardless.

Posted by Pr1mus

@Still_I_Cry: Thanks for taking the time to read it and for the feedback!

It is this addon biggest strength and weakness, it does everything it needs to please the fans and nothing to change the mind of those who didn't like it the first time around. Maybe next time!

Posted by Still_I_Cry

@Pr1mus: I don't think it was so much that there was really anything wrong with the game but I just couldn't get into the whole augmentation thing. I Was looking for a more "rpg-ish" kind of game if that makes sense. Plus, on my first play-through there was a glitch with one of the missions in which the main character and the person he was talking to simply stood there, their mouths were moving but nothing was being said and there were no dialogue options. I reset the game at least 4 times and still had the same issue so that further turned me off of the game.

Posted by Ravenlight

Nice review, duder!

Overall, this DLC was a welcome return the the DX:HR universe but I felt like it was lacking a lot of potential. Specifically new enemies, weapons, and augs.

Even without those things, I enjoyed playing through except for the goddamn in-game loading rooms. I'd rather just see a loading screen instead of being stuck in place watching the same animation eight times when I know my PC can render the next level faster than the loading room takes ><

Also, what contributed to your playthrough taking six hours? I played it once for the story and explored everywhere and a second time for the achievements and clocked in at a little over six hours total.

Posted by Pr1mus

@Ravenlight: I'm just slow! I tried to go for no kills at all and probably spend more time than average observing enemy patrols.

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