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The pinnacle of Genoq's Neogen bioweapon program, D/Generation was the brainchild of one Jean-Paul Derrida, an expert in the field of bioengineering hired by Genoq Corporation to head their profitable (and illegal) biological weapons research division. While many of the company's previous Neogens, such as the shapeshifting C/Generation, displayed illusory powers, D/Generation possessed a truly terrifying talent: the ability to directly alter the perceptions of its targets. Simply put, D/Generation was capable of conjuring elaborate artificial realities within the minds of its victims, trapping them within their own thoughts while their corporeal selves remained helpless. Its creators so feared the implications of this forced dream state that D/Generation was kept in a permanent paralytic state in order to keep it controllable. This did not prove to be enough, however, as even while motionless D/Generation was able to interface with Genoq's computer networks, turning it security systems against Genoq's employees while also releasing their countless Neogen experiments, which quickly overran the building.

D/Generation meets a gruesome fate.

While the entire complex descended into chaos, D/Generation itself was still unable to leave the lab of its own volition, thus requiring it to devise a plan which would re-enable its physical functionality. Using the guise of Derrida, D/Generation requested an urgent delivery be made to the Genoq building. Within a matter of hours, a courier, the protagonist of D/Generation, arrived at Geonoq's Singapore research facility carrying a single parcel. Believing that the item in his possession would somehow help Derrida quell the madness, the courier undertook the arduous journey from the 80th floor of the beleaguered building, where he had landed via jet pack, to the top floor where Derrida supposedly resided. It was not until reaching the apex of the building that the courier realized that the delivery had been a ruse, and that what he had carried with him for the last ten floors was not a solution to Genoq's bio-organic infestation, but rather a neurotransmitter which would allow the building's deadliest inhabitant to escape. Informed by Derrida of what he had done, the courier raced to intercept D/Generation, and was able to stop it just before it left by utilizing a powerful microwave antenna as an improvised weapon, causing its body to expand rapidly before exploding.

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