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Can I reset my characters skills using Akaras reset even though I patched the game way after beating the Den of evil quest, the quest that is suposed to grant you the skill reset. 
If not, can I beat the quest with a new character, and if the skill reset is given to you in Item form (I dont know how its given, barely heard about the reset), can I trade it with another player, and then get it back so I can use it with my main character. Is it possible. 
Thanks for your answers.    
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The skill reset is a dialogue option so no trading. You do get it once for every difficulty you beat the Den Of Evil quest on though if that helps. 
There IS a way to get a skill reset item apparently. Though it is a lot more involved. Stolen from forums... 

     It's actually pretty darn lame, the "mystery" is just a respec item.... even though we get 3x respecs from Akara >< 
Essences drop from act bosses and you transmute them to create a Token, woooo... 

Twisted Essence of Suffering(Andy/Durie

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