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"Stay a while, and listen..." - Decard Cain 2

Diablo II is a lot like Clint Eastwood: Pretty old (in game years) but still active and with a large fanbase! Who ever thought that a game that runs on sprites would still be widely played in an age where games come mostly in 3D? What's so great about 600x400!?Diablo II is the continuation of the saga's previous installment, the pioneer RPG Diablo. The entire system that defines the characters is quite remarkable for such a game: 150 skills among 5 classes, and an item generating system that mak...

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Diablo 2 and why Diablo 3 will be awesome 0

IntroIt has been a while since I have reviewed something but I think that it's time to review one of my favourite games of all time, Diablo II by Blizzard Entertainment. Currently the game is 8 years old and rumors of a new Diablo game are floating around, so this is the perfect time to make a review. StoryDiablo is about an Wanderer who you as hero follow, everywhere this Wanderer goes he leaves big evil monsters and destruction, for you to clean everything up and stop the Wanderer from co...

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There Is A Cow Level! 0

Diablo II was a game that I had heard many good things about, had the computer capacity to play, and somehow managed to never ever pick up a copy until the Lord of Destruction expansion was underway, at which time I finally got around to playing it and boy was I wowed from beginning to end.  Diablo II takes place several years after the original Diablo. The game is set in a sort of dark fantasy setting where all of the evil within the world is personified (and embodied within) three demonic enti...

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Diablo II 2

SettingThe demonic and undead roam sanctuary once again seeking to instill destruction and chaos to the land.  In Diablo 2 just like its predecessor continues to bring you the action filled click fest that makes it so fun.  Sanctuary is under attack from hell's spawn.  You play as a hero that must trace the dark wanderers path to find out what new evil is stirring about.  Traveling through randomly generated dungeons and environments to stop hell from claiming power over sanctuary again.Synopsis...

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In one word awesome 0

I can go on about this game for as long as the development of Duke Nukem Forever took until now but i'll keep it simple. I probably spend more time playing this then any other game i played in my life, and thats saying alot because i played almost everything since Duke Nukem 1 on my old 386, but somehow diablo 2 always stuck with me even now. I'm still playing it at least once a week. I will even go so far as to say that this is the best game Blizzard ever made, better than warcraft 1 to world o...

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Just play it online! 0

You know that you can find people here and there who would say that they "finished" or "completed" the Diablo II title.. And you also know, that they do not know, what you know - this game is not about single player mode.It is the multiplayer or, to be more precise, a massively played single player mode with individuals from all over the world killing and exping 24/7.Diablo II is all about items: weapons, armors, shield, jewelery. But unlike other RPG games Diablo II is unforgiving for those who...

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Diablo 2 0

I don't know what it is about clicking on stuff, anywhere and everywhere on the screen, but in Diablo 2 it's incredibly addicting. The game is separated into 4 different acts, each taking place in a unique environment with its own different monster set and area layout. Even though each of the areas and dungeons are randomly generated every time a new game is created, they each manage to maintain a distinct feel specific to that particular environment. Sewers, for example, are full of short narro...

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Still the king ! 0


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