Having issues with lag in co op

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Hey everyone

I recently fell down the Diablo hole, I played the starter edition and decided to pick the game up along with the expansion. I told my friend about it and we have been playing the starter edition together (made a sham account for it) and while my connection is pretty much fine throughout, he goes through some really horrible lag spikes. One second it'll be fine but once we get into combat his ping shoots up like a skyrocket and it looks like he is just standing still on my screen then jumps around. Any other online games we play together work fine, his internet is decent and his PC is rather modern. I just really cannot figure out what the issue is or if there is a solution. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks duders!

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I'm having some lag spikes once in a while too, sometimes so bad I can't even pick up items and keep being rubber banded. It's just the Blizzard servers that have the occasional hiccups.

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I know there are some specific lag problems when achievements pop up for you or people in your clan or friends list, and when notifications that people are on/offline appear. I disabled those and things are much smoother. I haven't experienced any other lag problems.

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@mb: I guess it won't hurt to try that but I don't think that's the issue. It's just weird because I have had zero issues whatsoever. It's completely on his end.

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