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#51 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1190 posts) -
@Pinworm45 said:
Ugh, there's nothing worse than "in defense of blizzard" threads
What about an "in defense of leftystarman" thread?
#52 Posted by SomeJerk (3592 posts) -

I have Swedish internet. You know what it's like. On top of the world in quality, speed and price, but that doesn't stop it from having hiccups, so if their idea of always online DRM means I'm bound to get fucked, then I will wait for the hackers to get rid of that Dumb Raping of honest custoMers. If I lost my connection during online single D2 I was fine, for the same to happen with singleplayer D2 I would only be screwed if the game crashed or the computer itself crashed, and that never actually happened to me. Now it may very well be down to that you're doomed if your internet is out for 30-60 seconds. Possibly less.

#53 Posted by zymbo (87 posts) -

Yeah, most PCs have persistent connections.  But inevitably your connection will go down at some point which will not allow you to play the game.  Most of the time when I have cable connection problems it's early in the morning when they do maintenance.  Well, screw having to be connected to continue playing.  It's just another way for them to keep you plugged into their stupid battlenet servers.  Ever since Blizzard merged with Activision it's been out for one thing, money.  There isn't even a word to describe the depths of Bobby Kotick's greed.  Maybe, "piggy piggy piggy-fuck-piggy piggy"  After they dropped LAN play from SC2 and split, what should've been a one time release game into 3 parts, I stopped buying Blizzard products.
Not having mods always sucks.
I don't really care about the item shop. 

#54 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -
@awe_stuck said:
I would probably buy it off Steam anyway
Unless I missed something, there will not be a Steam version if Blizzard's track record is any indication.  They only sell boxed copies and digital copies straight from them.
#55 Posted by TopChef (12 posts) -

Honestly, how many of you aren't going to have internet when you play this anyways? The only times I could find this inconvenient anyway is if the power was out or if I were traveling.  I could see complaining if you really couldn't have an internet connection.  I'm sure they wouldn't just troll all their customers for the hell of it.  Gamers complain all they want about things but end up buying the product in the end anyway.  Blizzard knows this and it probably helps A TON against pirating.\
At least for me, I have no problems with this and I'll be spending countless hours of neglecting school work and possibly social interactions and getting more loot instead.  I can only understand those who have shakey internet connections to be pissed at this.

#56 Posted by FavoritoBandito (171 posts) -

I'm less worried about Blizzard doing this than the onslaught of companies that I expect will follow their lead when they see that Diablo 3 sells great even with restrictive DRM.

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