Online etiquette?

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If I have an open game, and it says somebody has joined and is waiting in the main menu (I don't use a mic), should I stop what I am doing and go into the main menu, or just wait for them to join my game? I'm playing on a ps3.

I'm asking because I see that pop up and nobody join, then get messages like "go f ur self" and " get a mic" in my message box. My retort wasn't in his or her vocabulary. Anyways what is it that should be doing?

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Well all I can think of here is a few situations:

A) These people are being tremendous dickbags (apparently this is common in online gaming)


B) They're just expecting you to change the game mode or something when they join your game and then see A.

I dunno. It's very strange. I've never really gotten to know the public Diablo community. Most of my online co-operative experience is in MMOs where, yeah, you're gonna have tremendous assholes in some large number but you'll still find large tribes of kind and eager players.

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@mrhadouken: Nah. It's your game. They should play the way you are or they should go join another game. I've not played it on PS3 but on PC and I've never encountered anyone whose had a problem with people going on ahead if someone is waiting around in menus.

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As long as your reacting like a regular human being (i.e. "sorry, what?" or "whatever") then who cares. People that have played Diablo long enough know to pm the player before joining their games, to ask if it's cool to join. At least that's how we do it on PC and I've never run across too many incredible douchenozzles, so I'm just gonna say you should either move on with your day or start doing what I've suggested yourself.

Dunno, online "etiquette" equates to not being a dick but obviously people are big fans of not following that.

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In Diablo you have control of your own shit. They don't really miss out on anything important by waiting a minute for you to finish up what you are doing. And being rude about it, especially when they didn't even ask to join first, is damn silly.

Play the game with your needs first duder!

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Not really sure what the context of your situation is. Public games seem to be fine; most people are pretty bad but the only people that are truly evil are the afkers.

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I can't speak for the PS3 version, but in a public game on the PC you can join a person wherever they are at any time except during a boss fight. There is basically 0 interaction required.

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Also can't speak for the PS3 but on PC most public games I join the only interaction right now is "rifts or bounties". Other than that if they are a good, bad, overgeared or undergeared player no one seems to care. If someone gets annoyed the just leave and hardly say anything. Found very few trolls while playing which is completely different from WoW.

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