Can a newcomer to the series still enjoy it?

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Hey guys,
I was pretty impressed with the quick look and TNT to go along with the game.  I had planned on picking it up upon it's release.  However, I downloaded the Dirt 2 demo just to get a feel for what to expect.  Oddly enough, I really didn't enjoy the Dirt 2 demo too much.  I found myself constantly spinning out and having a hell of a time with the trail blazer.  
Anyway, what I'm asking is if the game is friendly enough for a new comer to the series.  I've always been partial to the Need for Speed and GT series, so maybe I just need to get out of the handling mindset that go along with those games.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Does the Dirt 2 demo have assists turned on? They're in the game and should help you out quite a bit. Dirt 2 was my first Dirt game, and I would say if you can drive well in Dirt 2, your skills will carry over into Dirt 3. I'm by no means a hardcore racing game fan and haven't put a crazy amount of hours into the games, but I can still do some nice cornering without any assists, so it's definetely just a matter of a little practice.

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@GetWhatYagive: It's a great game, but you're going to have to accept the fact that you are going to spin out a lot and have to use the rewind feature, or restart the race.  It gets easier as you get better and learn the tracks, but it's a pretty tough/demanding driving game. 
That being said, I love Dirt 3, it's a whole hell of a lot of fun if you're willing to deal with the initial difficulty.  
Oh and there are a TON of options to adjust the difficulty, the easiest of which makes the game a breeze by making the AI slow as hell. 
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Thanks for the input guys.  Perhaps I will give it a shot then.   The rewind feature is something that I have a feeling I'll definitely be needing. 
To be honest, the Gymkhana is what has me most intrigued by the game I think.

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@GetWhatYagive: I had to turn on assists. I'm playing with keyboard by the way. It's still a great game, and assists don't really affect Drifting/Gymkhana (Well, there are different kind of assists with those).
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It's a driving game. There is no story so you can start with whatever game you want. You're going to have to learn how the game works but you can choose 1 2 or 3 to learn on and you'll be fine.

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Absolutely. I think Dirt 3 does a great job easing anyone into the game. I'll warn you though; Gymkhana events are harder than you would think. But, it's still a great game to start with.
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Thanks for the continued input guys.  I appreciate it.

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