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Discord Times is an Aterdux Entertainment developed strategy/Role Playing game released for the PC.


Discord Times features a top down view and turn based combat.



Movement in Discord Times is accomplished by pointing the mouse at the location desired to move to. There will be a trail of arrows leading to the spot if that location can be traveled to. The left mouse button can be clicked or a key on the keyboard pressed during movement to cancel the current move.
 Walking Path

Information Window

Characters and objects will often times have more information about them. By right clicking on an object or character an information window will be displayed with any relevant information.

 Information Window for a ghost

In-game Clock

Discord Times features an in-game calendar and clock. Every turn adds time to the clock. The game keeps track of the year, month, day, and hour. There are some quests and actions in the game that require a set amount of time to pass. The player can choose to wait for 1 hour or wait for 4 hours.

In-Game Clock


The player can hold up to 25 items in their inventory. There can also be 4 items equipped to the character for use in combat.

Inventory Screen


In various buildings around the world there are barracks. In the barracks the player can hire more people to help in battles. There are mercenaries who will help heal, help fight with melee, or help fight with ranged attacks.

Barracks Screen


Battles in Discord Times are turn based. The team with the highest initiative character gets the first turn. The players team member who is highlighted in green is the active team member and can attack. The enemies players highlighted in red can be attacked by the current player. The player can move the active team member to an empty space that is highlighted in blue.

Battle Screen


In Discord Times there are three playable classes to choose from.


The Knight is the standard melee class. The Knight class takes 20% less damage from all non-magic attacks.

Knight Base Stats

Health - 80
Melee Attack - 45
Melee Defense - 15
Long Range Defense - 10
Magic Immunity - 15%
Initiative - 9
Number of Actions - 1



The Archmage is the standard magician class. The Archmage class will cast spells in half the time of the other classes. The Archmage class can also cast spells for half of the mana of the other classes.

Archmage Base Stats

Health - 50
Magic Attack - 25
Magic Immunity - 35%
Initiative - 26
Number of Actions - 2



The Ranger is the agile ranged class. The Ranger Class can move across the map 20% quicker than the other classes. Any members of the Rangers army will heal 20% every day.

Ranger Base Stats

Health - 65
Melee Defense - 5
Long Range Attack - 30
Long Range Defense - 5
Regeneration - 5%
Initiative - 19
Number of Actions - 2

System Requirements

  • Operating System - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor - 600mhz or faster
  • Ram - 128 MB or more

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