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Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse has you playing as Mickey Mouse as he explores a haunted mansion. It's an adventure game with light puzzle solving and some minigames. 


The plot is about Mickey who steps through a magic mirror that has him entering a weird mansion full of moving furniture and zoo animals. Upon arriving, a ghost zaps the mirror with lightning and scatters the pieces all around the mansion, making it impossible for Mickey to get back to the real world. In order to get home, the Mouse will have to explore the mansion and find energy stars and mirror shards.  
You don't actually have direct control over Mickey, instead you use an on-screen cursor to point and click your way through the mansion. The game is set up as a point-and-click adventure but simplified as to appeal to a younger audience. The game lets you do magic tricks by clicking on certain things. When a magic trick is available, the screen shakes. To activate the trick, you must have enough energy stars. These tricks are used to solve puzzles and are usually humorous. Some tricks are used as cause-and-effect chains meaning, you may have to use them more than once. Using tricks can progress the story or win you a prize. 


There are a total of 6 minigames in the game and are unlocked by doing specific things in specific rooms of the mansion. 

Sword Minigame

You start the game with a set number of energy stars. Your goal is to dash through a hallway that's filled with flying furniture that you must avoid and a sword that's chasing you. If you get squashed by a piece of furniture, the sword takes a swipe at you and you lose stars. Run out of stars and its game over.  

Airplane Minigame

You pilot a plane in this game and have 45 seconds to get to a boss fight. Along the way, you can collect energy stars and go through loops that make you go faster. Once you get to the boss fight (a ghost), you must fire your pellets at it. 
The airplane minigame.
The airplane minigame.


Dancing Minigame

This minigame takes place on a cake. You must follow controller prompts (left, right, up, down) to make Mikey dance. Each time you fail a move, you get a red mark meaning that you'll receive less stars at the end. 

Barrel Minigame

This minigame asks you to blow up five barrels that are coming towards you. To  do this, Mickey has the power to shoot fireballs from his hands and must time his blasts right to destroy a maximum amount of barrels. 

Electric Guitar Minigame

While Mickey rocks out on his guitar, you must catch falling stars. To do this, you must move a pink Mickey symbol from one of the three circles at the bottom of the screen. To win at this game, you must put the symbol in the circle at exactly the time the star goes through it.        

Snowboarding Minigame

You guide Mickey down a slope, trying to get as many energy stars as possible while avoiding trees and avalanches.

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