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 Dominic Maddox
Dominic Maddox is a Run-of-the-mill UEF commander.  He is a strong willed person, and will not let harm come to his family, whatever the cost.  Dominic's wife is a member of the Illuminate, and while the UEF military doesn't directly forbid the inter-marriage of nations, it is frowned upon by many.

During the UEF campaign in Supreme Commander 2 you play as Dominic as he followes orders from Colonel Rodges. At the finale of the third mission it is revealed that the UEF plans to attack a city called "New Cathederal" and Dominic is to lead the assault. Dominic refuses to follow this order, as his wife and child live in New Cathederal. This leads to Dominic branded as a traitor, and hunted by the UEF loyalists.

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