8 Keys to give away.

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#1 Posted by Laneyy (40 posts) -

Give me your steam e-mail and i'll send the first eight people keys.

#2 Posted by harry92412 (1 posts) -

can you give me 1 key

and my email is harry92412@hotmail.com

#3 Posted by Dacnomaniac (444 posts) -

@harry92412: Did you make an account just to get a key?

#4 Posted by MB (13286 posts) -

@Dacnomaniac said:

@harry92412: Did you make an account just to get a key?

That happens virtually every time someone posts a new "I have Dota 2 Keys" topic.

Doesn't really matter...I think by now virtually everyone who has ANY interest in the game, and even those that don't, have Dota 2. Soon we will probably just outright prohibit these topics and funnel everything into one thread because Valve is spamming the hell out of everyone's accounts with keys.

#5 Edited by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

Are there people who still can't get dota 2 invites? lol. Valve has been throwing them left and right.

#6 Posted by hecticdinhhz (3 posts) -

hecticdinhhz is my steam name

email is random_dinh@hotmail.com

#7 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

Going to lock this and direct any further key begging/giving to this thread. Cheers!


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