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The Greatest Multiplayer Game of all Time 9

When you make a bold claim like I have in the title of this review, you can reasonably expect push back. After all only the Sith speak in absolutes, or so Star Wars teaches us.But when you have played as many different video games as I have (easily over 1000) for as long as I have (over thirty years) I think I can safely say I have a good idea of what good game looks like. Or in this case a special one. To me DOTA 2 is one of the very best games I’ve ever played, and the best multiplayer game ha...

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Worth Playing 0

Well, Since the day of Dota 1 up to Beta days of dota 2 until now, I love playing this game. Helps you improve your communication skills, your, leadership, and everything that will help you enhance as a whole. this will make you think more and more....

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Time and money... best bet. 0

Sadly this review is after TI4.... the game is kinda dead. You have to understand after the Superbowl this year most people hated football... Yet after all things are said and done they dove back in. Dota was sadly not treated the same way... we had and Superbowl kinda year. After that most people cashed out and called it. I've played Dota for over 12 years and have never seen such a drought. Even in the GiantBomb room... I'm not telling you that this is a bad time to try or get into Dota... All...

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