I made an item for dota 2!

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In my spare time (read: lunch hours during work), I started modelling and texturing away at an item for dota 2. I'm not really great at either or these things (I'm a programmer, so I'm as artistic as a rock), so I'd like some feedback, if you'd be willing to help me. Here's the page link.

And here's some art/screenshots:

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I really like this item! I initially thought it was a little plain but on the in game shots it looks pretty good. Maybe it could be a bit wider to fit a bit more detail on it?

Good stuff though!

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Yeah the picture of it looks kinda bland and boring, but on the in-game screenshot it looks pretty good.

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I'd love to hear more details on how you did this. What tools did you use? Did you start with another weapon and modify it? Have you tried to submit it? If so what are your thoughts on the process?

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I love it! Great work.

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I'd suggest adding a bit more colour variation, even if just a simple and subtle gradient over the top as it's looking a little flat, you could also darken the runic symbols a bit to have them stand out when the light isn't reflecting off the rest (unless this is what you were going for). This is something I'd struggled with on the two dota weapons I've made so far, especially since, like you, they have a fairly narrow blade. Also is the white specular intentional? If not, I'd suggest adjusting mask 2's blue channel (tint spec by colour) and making it brighter for the blade area. I'd also try to make the guard's silhouette a bit more interesting.

Apologies if this comes across as jacking your thread, but I could also do with some feedback on my own recent submission, which is tanking hard compared to the other two2 items I did a few months ago.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Maybe I could put some wear and tear on the blade, and exaggerate some of the proportions (like the curve, etc.). I'll also take a look at the hilt.

@extomar I just researched some Chinese/middle easter weaponry, and went from there. For the graphic design, I tried to incorporate a little bit of Juggernaut's backstory into it, as well as look at the designs he has on him (his mask, bracers, the back of his pants etc.). For the modelling I used Blender, and I then used Photoshop to create the textures. The workflow was a little daunting at first (especially dealing with creating maks1 and 2), but after reading the techinical requirements page and official valve texturing guides, the problem became a lot more approachable.

@nubikal Thanks! I initially did have a gradient for the design, but didn't like the way it looked. I'll go back and try and mess with that. I wanted a subtle specular highlight across the orange secftion, because I have a self-illumination mask running across the red part, and I wanted the two to sorta pop visually. Also, I was totally confused by M2 blue channel -- I don't think I used that channel at all. I think I get how it could be useful now though. I really like your submission though man -- especially the water effect on it. The pommel and the hilt look really good, as does the blade, but maybe the water effect is overpowering the shape of the blade? Other than that, I would totally buy that item.

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You guys made swords. That's pretty cool.

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@tinautomaton: Thanks, I'll try playing around with the file for the water effect. Kind of hard to get the balance right when it's just controlled by spacing out vertices along the blade area.

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shining sword for juggernut is super cool...hahaha but there were lots of items that were released just for juggernut so its not that decent anymore

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nice creation amigo muy bueno construccion de espada para character juggernaut :D

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It kind of looks like a Wind Waker sword! Sticks out in the game a little bit, but I like it anyways. :D

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I share the same sentiment as Deo. When i saw the first image I thought "I'm not going to break this guy's heart, let me hit 'back'". But in-game it looks really good! The glow really sells it, it turns the orange into white, which is a far better complimentary color, have you tried other color schemes for the secondary color on the blade? It's very nice as is though.

I'm not very fond of juggernaut, but I'd totally buy that sword to give it to a friend that is.

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@opus: Can you give it to me??hehehe...

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The textures look a bit flat, I think they could use some work.

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