Looking for quality articles on what makes Dota 2 important

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I'm a big fan of the recent crop of quality gaming journalism that Patrick's writing tends to embody. I love the long, feature-length articles that talk about certain phenomena in gaming, like the recent bits of EVE insanity.

Do you guys know of any good reads about Dota 2?

I'm mostly new to the game. I'm having trouble getting into it because I've always been a shooter guy, so I've never really done strategy games before. Half my barrier for entry is trying to find the perfect control scheme! But beyond that, this game is intoxicating to me. The effect it has on people, the way Valve is making it a part of people's consciousness (especially with the Free to Play documentary)... It's awesome stuff. I want more.

If anyone has any Patrick Klepek-esque articles to read about it, I'd be super grateful!

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