My custom dota 2 autoexec/config

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Hey guys,

I've been playing dota 2 for a bit now and I've been a little obsessed with getting my config/ and auto exec perfect for my needs, I figured some of you may be interested and so I'll share.

What's in this thing:

Autoexec file:

1) Various modifications to how dota behaves (Adds a "Killcam", modifies health bars, hero size on minimap, scroll speed, flying unit height, etc.)

2) Enables the console and netgraph ( Basically text the runs in the corner of the screen and shows you your fps/ping in real time).

3) A couple of custom micro scripts (Binds keys to show runes, binds a key for courier item pickup and delivery, and a couple more)

4) Heavily commentated for easy modification for your likes.

Cfg file:

This one is only if you use a Razer Nostromo like me and want a cfg file to go along with it, don't use it if you use a regular keyboard.


A slightly modified version of the Dota2-Clarity project ( which features custom tutorial scripts (Juking paths, ward location and a couple others).


Hope you guys enjoy, if you have any tips or corrections to make feel free.


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So wait, you can run all this stuff and still run the game online, and Valve won't classify this as cheating?

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Yup, some of the stuff ( Like radius circles) are just not enabled in online matchmaking, but most of it is. In anycase, it's all a-ok in Valve's books, since they can just disable whatever they want on the server side.

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@sweep said:

So wait, you can run all this stuff and still run the game online, and Valve won't classify this as cheating?

It's just a config file man, it's where all the options are saved anyway.

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@alexw00d: It's also the auto exec and the clarity tutorial stuff, so I get the question, but yea, it's all good.

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@salabrin: Got any pics to show the differences it makes to the gameplay? I'm definitely interested in playing about with this when I get home.

Actually, realistically, I'm going to badger you on steam about this when I get home. So... y'know. Look forward to that.

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Well, alot of the changes are nuanced and so don't really show in a screen grab, but I made this thing in paint to show some of the changes:

And this is the clarity tutorial stuff:

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