So, I have a spare DOTA 2 Beta Key...

#1 Posted by Lucidforest (143 posts) -

So, I have a spare DOTA 2 Beta Key...

And at the same time, there are numerous other game betas I've been trying to get into without success. Such as Diablo 3, Firefall & Super Monday Night Combat.

Does anyone have a key for any of these games, or any other game which are currently / soon in beta?

If so we could trade straight up!

Usually I'd just give it away to whoever wanted it, but I may as well ask of any other spare codes while I'm at it!


So yeah, just gimme a shout if you want the code. If someone has another code, yay for me, if no one does, then yay for a random who posted here!

#2 Posted by theveej (854 posts) -

I don't have any other beta keys, but I can trade you HL2:Episode 2 if ur interested.

If not I'll wait for the possibility of a random draw.


#3 Posted by Brunchies (2484 posts) -

I don't have any beta keys except the one for the mobile steam app, i could throw in an extra game there if you are interested.

#4 Posted by Chias (81 posts) -

Would you like a code to AirMech per chance? although it appears to be the Chrome based alpha, and I have no need for either of the codes they sent me.

#5 Posted by Towers (96 posts) -


#6 Posted by arasmandas5 (1 posts) -

Hi i have Just Cause 2 and 2 Super MNC gifts if you still have that dota 2 gift please reply me or add me on steam arasmandas5

#7 Posted by Phanxer (1 posts) -

I got codes for Path of Exile, and Tribes Ascend if you're interested.

#8 Posted by Cirdain (3156 posts) -

@Phanxer said:

I got codes for Path of Exile, and Tribes Ascend if you're interested.

The Tibes: Ascend beta is pretty dope.

#9 Posted by ericdiemel (1 posts) -

Hey a key would be great, but i dont have any key 4 u so i hope u can give me a gift ;D

Greetings from germany

mail to :

#10 Posted by Canteu (2821 posts) -

Got a SMNC if you want it.

#11 Posted by Carryboy (750 posts) -

Yeh i got a smnc if you wanna trade.

#12 Posted by Lucidforest (143 posts) -

I'll give it 24 hours from posting just to see what the happy haps is! And also because my Dark Souls data just got corrupted and I must destroy the internet for a little while.

#13 Posted by jkuc316 (981 posts) -

I'm begging for it, because a friend of mine won't stop annoying me for a beta key to DotA 2. I told him not everyone gets one, but he doesn't listen.

#14 Posted by ectoplasma (987 posts) -

I got a couple of Steam game doubles and would trade one of it for the key. Got Terraria, Borderlands, Frozen Synapse, l4d and Braid. Hit me up if you're interested.

#15 Posted by Lucidforest (143 posts) -

I already own a lot of what has been mentioned here; Tribes, Terraria, Half Life, Braid, Borderlands etc etc. As lazy as it is, I accepted the offer of the one who actively seeked me out on steam and offered me a couple of codes. 
So now I have a spare SMNC code, heh. 
Trade for a Diablo 3 or Firefall? :P 
Hah. I kid...
Unless someone actually wants to... 
Sorry to all who posted and never got!

#16 Posted by IndieFinch (242 posts) -

I see a lot of people who posted looking for a key, if you are not signed up through it now! I had a friend who didn't sign up until December and he got his key this past weekend. Valve just sent out a wave and seem to be finishing up some major systems this week (big Steam update and full replay overhaul) so I wouldn't be surprised if they keep sending out waves at this point.

#17 Posted by Darkbulborb (11 posts) -

I really want a Dota2 beta key. Does anyone has a spare one for me?

#18 Posted by Timothie (18 posts) -

It would be awesome if I could get a DotA 2 key, been waiting to play the game for so long now!

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