The International Cuatro - Schedule and Multi-Twitch Link

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Like the subject says, I'm just posting a link to the schedule for the matches in The International 4 as well as a Multitwitch link of the multicast channel, the 4 dedicated match channels, and the newbie-friendly commentary channel. There is probably going to be a dedicated chat running Ti4 and EVO this weekend but there might be some duders who would like to popout (or rather drag since there's no popout at the moment) the GB live chat tab while watching all the matches in Multitwitch.

Google calendar of The International 4 taken from Reddit
NOTE: Times listed in the link are all in BST or London Time. Click on the button on the bottom, lower right that says "+ Google Calendar" to add it to your calendar and it'll automatically adjust it to your local time.

Multitwitch link of the six English language streams
You can add other streams to the link by adding "/(name of stream)" to the URL. So for example if you wanted to watch EVO along with the TI4 matches you can do this:

  • Multitwitch URL linked above:
  • Evo channel 1:
  • You add this line "/srkevo1" to the end of the Multitwitch URL so it'll look like this:

The actual matches that will be done inside Key Arena will take place next week on July 18 - 21 so this week is focused on matches to determine seeding.

Have fun watching, duders!

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Are they doing the thing where if you are watching a stream when a #bigplay happens you get a drop? If so I will just leave that multitwitch on 24/7.

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@corruptedevil: There is a Reddit thread with Emergency questions that asked the same question you just asked. The responses there should probably answer your question since I'm not too sure myself. :P

The question however is a month old but I think its safe to assume that the Dota2 streams I listed in the Multitwitch link have accounts linked to Steam that are eligible for drops.

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@gaspower: Well I guess I'll leave that open and see if I have received anything tomorrow.

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Another day of playoff matches begins today at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central.

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