Want to try it

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I have been watching Brad play Dota 2 and talk about it. Which made me want to try it, but is it worth the 30 bucks or does anyone have a spare code?

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i gotcha bud

send me a PM with your steam name.

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i gotcha bud

send me a PM with your steam name.

duder you rock

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Any body else sitting on an invite?

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I have the game, if I could give it away I would....Not a fan. Luckily I never paid for it, it just showed up in my library one day.....

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I have literally 30 keys.

benstewart84 on steam. add me.

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You have no idea how many keys are floating around. Most of us probably sit on 20ish. T.T

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Besides the invite issue which seems like an easy hurdle to jump what do you guys recommend new people do to get involved. I've been watching Brad and I've read some guides to learn basic terminology but for some reason diving head first into pub matches seems like it won't be very noob friendly. I'm interested but I'm the only one of my regular gaming friends who likes competitive stuff and I can handle people being mean on the internet. But the trick is finding people who also provide info around the ridiculous name calling that tends to happen.

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@legitfruitsnack: There is a ton of that information, even all over this forum. Poke around and you should be able to find most of it. Read up / watch as much as possible, then jump into a Bot game. Start with the specific easy heros to play. Once you feel that you grasp one or two of them, play some Co-Op vs Bots. From there if you feed comfortable, jump into matchmaking games. Generally the Giantbomb channel is filled with friendly people, so search there for people to queue with.

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