"We will cast your pubs" IS BACK BABY

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After a relatively long hiatus of school, figuring out the future of the channel and general faffing about, we're back! We are going to quickly migrate out of our /trialcasting twitch.tv channel and moving into our new (and hopefully permanent) home under CG casting channel! Our plan is to cast game at least once per week, tailoring more towards the pub scene (though we are up for casting anything!). Feel the thrill of having your games cast in a professional (read: Extremely not professional) manner! Show off to your friends how you went 16-0-13 with Chen and out-carried a faceless void, with people talking in the background!

Come down to the channel and join us for some fun, some laughs, and link us your favorite replays and will get 'er done. Enjoy it for posterity as we post these casts into Youtube-vision!

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If you want to cast, I solo queue far more than I should. Just let me know in advance so I can be on "good behavior".

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